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A portable emacs clone




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EmACT by Eligis

A portable emacs clone

(The latest stable version is 2.54.0 - Release date: Thu May 09 12:14:35 UTC 2008)

Home site is always: http://www.eligis.com/emacs/

EmACT This product is an original development made to provide an emacs-like editor on the PC for the purpose of writing Lisp code with the same features found on other Lisp development systems. In 1985, with about 512 Ko of memory, it was obvious that Gosling, GNU or other emacs written in Lisp were too big to run on MS-DOS. So I decided to write my own editor that closely works like those I used on VAX Unix at that time. I started with Conroy's MicroEMACS.

After a great amount of time, made essentially after hours, EmACT is now a pretty good clone of GNU Emacs. It has all the features that programmers enjoy, like parentheses matching, auto-indent for Lisp, C, C++, compile mode, tags and even a Lisp interpreter which is not however compatible with GNU MockLisp. It can be ported to all UN*X systems (terminal and X-Window) and it runs of course on all Intel based system in text or graphic mode (MSDOS, OS/2 Windows 3.x, Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista and Windows 95/98/Me).

Why EmACT? In 1985 I was working for a company named ACT.

EmACT is written in ISO C for the kernel and using POSIX like interface for the operating System when available. In the usual case, a new UNIX port is as simple as:

$ ./configure; make; make install


EmACT is a GPL'ed


UNICODE editing on Windows


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