Le-Lisp Windows ChangeLog

Current release : Le-Lisp v15.26.6 by INRIA (12/Mai/2005)

2006/12/12: Migrate source to CVS
2005/11/26: Some changes to support VS2005.
2005/05/12: 	R E L E A S E   v15.26.6

Current release : Le-Lisp v15.26.5 by INRIA (23/Mai/2003)

2003/10/07: WINtys when there is an event but no char-event.
2003/10/06: Fix ll2lm.bat to include LELISP variable.
2003/05/25: Prepare Virtual Bitmap C files for the new WIN64 API.
2003/05/23: Update tools to support win32 and win64 builds.
2003/05/23: Change LLM3 llinit.llm3 to add win32 and win64 branch.
2003/05/23: Change LLM3 llinit.llm3 and startup.ll for new 15.26.5
2003/05/23: 	R E L E A S E   v15.26.5

2003/01/11: Add WORK_AREA system-parameter.
2002/05/11: Change menu layout.
2002/05/05: Fix bug in directoryp with root as in "c:\".
2002/05/02: Merged version with ILOG sources.
2002/05/01: Check for 15.264 version.
2002/04/30: Change RANDOM and SRANDOM internal assembler names (fix conficts).
2002/04/28: Add hp11 as a new LLM3 supported port.
2002/04/12: Add makellm3 that makes and assembles .asm files from .llm3.
2002/04/11: Remove obsolete FPU init in ll386.llm3. Add makellm3.
2002/03/21: Change ML (assembler) from 6.x to 7.0.
2002/03/21: Change C compiler from VC++ 6.0 to VC++ 7.0 (aka .NET).
2002/03/21: Check if DragFullWindows is set and force to 0 if so.
2002/03/21: System font is set to Tahoma-8-TT on Windows 2000 and XP.
2002/03/20: Default address starts at 0x20000000.
2002/03/20: Change LLM3 llinit.llm3 and startup.ll for new 15.26.4.
2002/03/19: 	R E L E A S E   v15.26.4

2001/05/16: Add new LDBASE and LDSTACK parameters in Makefile.
2001/05/06: Qualified port on Windows XP (Beta 2).
2001/05/05: Add windows_valid_font to limit FaceName expansion (Windows XP).
2001/05/04: Add optional LL_PROCESS_WM_COMMAND compilation flag.
2001/05/04: Add windows_create_window_owner C function.
2001/05/04: Fix BV compilation with long names.
2000/01/24: Qualified port on Windows 2000 (Final version).
2000/01/24: Fix wrong color computation in text mode (DOScolor function).
1999/11/05: Show the reserve C stack when using -v option on command line.
1999/05/07: Qualified port on Windows 2000 (Beta 3 - RC 1).
1998/11/14: Qualified port for 15.26.3.
1998/11/12: Merge latest modifications made for win32, cygwin and un*x ports.
1998/11/12: Only use long names for NT/95 distribution.
1998/11/12: Beta version of Le-Lisp v15.26.3
1998/11/12: 	R E L E A S E   v15.26.3

1998/10/01: Change code that test inodes to be compatible with Linux (sic !).
1998/09/19: Change in wingraph.c to support new font scheme of NT 5.0.
1998/08/26: Change C compiler from VC++ 5.0 to VC++ 6.0.
1998/05/28: Fix a REM loader bug.
1998/05/14: Add support for DOS scan code for function key.
1998/05/05: Add -console (default 0) to create and external text mode console.
1998/03/31: Add support for libraries named libcXXX in nlist.exe.
1998/03/31: Change to 4096 the buffer size used in printf and fprintf functions.
1998/03/27: Add support for Digital Visual FORTRAN link.
1998/03/15: Add support for ATT f2c FORTRAN link.
1998/03/06: Add support for Microsoft PowerStation FORTRAN link.
1998/03/06: Add support for long filenames (./win95/longname.l*)
1998/03/06: Add support for F10 key (generally used as system key).
1998/02/04: Fix a bug in text mode on Windows 98 beta 3.
1998/01/19: Force a repaint after bitblit when using the same device.
1997/12/23: Windows can be created using 'transient in graphic-properties list.
1997/12/11: Add support for transient-windows in BV.
1997/09/07: Fix RFIX and FIXVECTOR defextern types.
1997/03/07: Change defextern external 't' to 'external' in BV declaration.
1997/01/07: Add support for complete virtual terminal on text mode (llXXbin.exe).
1996/12/11: Fix error in expand-pathname.
1996/08/19: Cast was needed in BV for functions waiting integer vectors.
1996/07/15: Fix bug in callext. Fix return type for DLL extern functions.
1996/05/10: Restore cursor in terminal when returning to Lisp.
1996/05/01: Add options: -geometry WxH[+X+Y] and -fixed for Windows versions.
1996/03/16: Start terminal window in 80x25 character mode.
1995/11/24: Fix bug for graphic adapters using more than 256 colors.
1995/06/16: Add set-optional-fontname function as a BV extension for Windows.
1995/06/13: Add doubleclick-event as BV extension for Windows.
1995/05/12: Add -cstack argument to set the reserved stack for C (default 8192).
1995/04/04: Fix resource leaks in windows_system_font_size function.
1995/03/24: Fix bug in kill-color.
1995/03/19: Check for font installation in bitprologue.
1995/03/03: New version of ILM.
1995/02/10: Fix copyfile bug (MS-DOS has no valid ino field in stat structure).
1994/12/16: Modify ILM to read in binary mode.
1994/12/02: Modify loader.ll to prevent a BUG in LOC function.
1994/11/30: Add myllbin and myllbinw entries in Makefile
1994/10/20: Fix a bug in EDIVIDE LLM3 MACRO.
1994/10/18: Add new path.* and hash.* from ILOG tape.
1994/08/24: Change LL system number to 70 (internal change only)
1994/07/28: Optimize windows_subst_colors.
1994/07/12: Initial release. Direct port from NT386.
1994/06/02: Check for LELISP variable in winterm.c
1994/05/25: Compile C sources with prototypes added (ANSI/ISO C).
1994/05/28: Change the background of icones to 3D (was transparent).
1994/04/28: -callext, -g, -h and -hh flags added to complice.
1994/03/31: Add:current-arc-mode function in BV.
1994/03/06: Change code in:draw-*-nobackground functions.
1994/01/24: Continue to read events when calling the sleep function.
1994/01/16: Change the module's name to 8.3 in BV files (used by ll2lm).
1994/01/14: Fix bug in CFLOAT_TO_LFLOAT (RWORK was not saved - BK).
1994/01/08: #:llcp:nlist has been removed from loader.ll (it is now in LLM3).
1994/01/08: TTYIN LLM3 macro now returns 0xFF.
1994/01/07: Use ILM like other Le-Lisp versions from ILOG S.A.
1993/12/23: path.ll path.lo and path.lm and now in nt386 directory.
1993/12/22: Fix bugs in LLM3 macros CFLOAT_TO_LFLOAT and LFLOAT_TO_CFLOAT.
1993/12/22: Final distribution of Le-Lisp v15.26.
1993/11/15: Master candidate of Le-Lisp v15.26 (new floats macros, CONVTOK).
1993/10/19: Correction of #:display:windows:get-rgb-values function.
1993/10/19: Use LELISP environment variable to set #:system:directory.
1993/10/17: #:display:windows:system-font-name function added.
1993/10/13: Change the widgets lib to match AIDA needs.
1993/09/26: Use the IT_LOOP expand flag (LLM3) as in the msdos version.
1993/09/24: Correction of opendir (returns an error if dir is invalid).
1993/09/20: Middle-button is simulated by the action (Alt-Key + left-button).
1993/09/20: Call the lisp function (end) when closing with WM_QUIT.
1993/09/19: Windows NT code added for get_byte_line and set_byte_line.
1993/09/16: Unification of BV lisp files between Windows 3.1 and Windows NT.
1993/09/15: Beta version of Le-Lisp v15.26 (new floats and correction of HPMOVM).
1994/08/18: 	R E L E A S E   v15.26.1

1993/08/31: BV extension: new function #:display:windows:activate-window added.
1993/08/18: Correction of activation bar for toplevel windows.
1993/06/04: Correction of display-get-font-info for ascent, maxlbearing fields.
1993/06/02: Correction in make-window (llib), no needs to inherit parent cursor.
1993/05/29: Standard stack set to 196 Ko in text mode.
1993/05/14: Correction of a bug in GCMARK LLM3 macro.
1993/05/03: Free all ressources on exit.
1993/04/19: Small modification of standard colors values (no more palette flick)
1993/04/19: Dramatically improve the bitmap loading
1993/04/01: Vector of all fonts heigth added in winint.ll
1993/03/29: Modification of font naming convention: Family-WxH-* -> Family-H-*
1993/03/10: Modification of color allocation strategie
1993/02/28: Modification of keyboard-focus functions
1993/02/15: Correction of the probefile for a the root path such as "X:/".
1993/08/31: 	R E L E A S E   v15.25.3

1993/02/15: 	R E L E A S E   v15.25.2