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Le-Lisp by INRIA - Eligis x86 Ports

The famous AI language of the 90's is still alive.

(The latest stable version is 15.26.13 - Release date: 2020-01-09)

Home site is always: http://www.eligis.com/lelisp

Le-Lisp was developed in 1980 by a team led by Jerme Chailloux at INRIA, the French national computer science research laboratory. It was developed as a direct result of the need for a small, portable, efficient language for a VLSI design system. It ran on most major computer systems including SunOS, Solaris, Mac II, Apollo, Decstation, Vax, Sony, Hewlett-Packard, Bull, PS/2, and of course major 386 systems (Windows, Linux, Solaris). It was marketed by several companies throughout Europe, including ILOG, Bull, the Sema Group and Eligis. Its technical evolution was assured by ILOG and INRIA until 2000. Many commercial products have been built on top of Le-Lisp (references on request).

Today Le-Lisp reaches its end of life. It is essentially maintained by Eligis to help customers continue to run or port their favorite applications on Windows, Linux and Solaris PC. With a special agreement with ILOG, Eligis has the rights to sell and support Ada on PC's platforms for customers having running applications on other platforms. Eligis has yet no plan to stop Le-Lisp support until at least 2021. However, customers are encouraged to develop new applications with another Lisp like OpenLisp that Eligis also actively develop and port on many systems.

Active ports

  • Le-Lisp 15.26.13 (32bit only) on Windows - including Windows 10.
  • Le-Lisp 15.26.13 on Linux x86 and x86_64 (32bit only). Fedora 31 is the official plateform but other distributions can be supported on demand.
  • Le-Lisp 15.26.13 on macOS Sierra (32bit only).
  • Le-Lisp 15.26.13 on Solaris 10 x86 and x86_64 (32bit only).
  • Le-Lisp 15.26.13 on FreeBSD 11 x86 (32bit only).


  • Expertise in Le-Lisp applications.
  • Le-Lisp/Ada application ports from other systems.
  • ...


Le-Lisp used to be a commercial product until 2020. There will be no enhancements or new versions of this Lisp but it is actively maintained and supported for all current customers. We also help current Le-Lisp customers to migrate their applications running on non-Eligis platforms to Windows, Linux or Solaris PC platforms. On 2020-01-08, Le-Lisp moved to 2-clauses BSD License.

Christian Jullien, the Eligis manager, was one of the early Le-Lisp implementors in 80's. He made the first MS-DOS Le-Lisp version in 1985 and never really stopped working on Le-Lisp since then.


Le-Lisp/Ada on Windows XP:

Aida on Windows

Le-Lisp/Ada on Windows Vista (x64):

Aida on Vista

Le-Lisp/Ada on Linux:

Aida on Linux

Le-Lisp/Ada on macOS (Sierra):

Aida on macOS (Sierra) x86

Le-Lisp/Ada on Solaris x86:

Aida on Solaris x86


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